I'm Gabor Herget - Entrepreneur, Software and Design Lover.

Gabor Herget



From code snippets to a software company US exit.

Since my first lines of code as a teenager, I am fascinated with software products. To date, my products have been used by more than ten thousand users in more than 65 countries. Companies such as Intel, Cisco, Siemens, Adidas, Lufthansa, Dell, are working with the software of my team.

Thanks to our scalable licensing model, after a few years we reached the million euro sales mark, the first million profit margins and finally the 10 million euros in license revenues. In our tenth year, we also decided to accept one of the attractive US acquisition offers and retire with a US exit from the test automation industry.

For a management team that consisted primarily of former developers, cutting-edge workplaces and team composition were just as important as a good balance. As a reward, we received loyal and highly motivated colleagues.

Together with the three geniuses who were already following our project, we created the new Ranorex generation and started a marketing and sales offensive. We did not know back then, but our dream team would even celebrate a 10th anniversary.

I started my first company at the age of 19 when I helped out my dad with a test automation solution. We coded in the living room and named our creation Ranorex. We quickly reached well-known customers from all over the world. When Philips Healthcare of California knocked on our doorstep the time was right to get venture capital and grow our business. Investors were thrilled and quickly brought us to an office.

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